OCTOBER: Hair Loss and Chemotherapy

October 8, 2019

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month This month our blogs are dedicated to the survivors, loved ones, and to those who lost the battle.

Chemotherapy uses a variety of drugs to stop cancer cells from dividing and prevent them from growing. These drugs are very aggressive and don’t discriminate between bad cancer cells and other rapidly growing good cells in our body. As a result, they attack the cells that are in your hair roots as those are fast growing cells….

OCTOBER: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

September 20, 2019

As October is upon us, let’s take a moment to think of the women we love who have dealt with (& dealing with) this upsetting diagnosis. To those we lost and to the survivors – we keep you near and dear.

Yes, we are busy. We have long to-do lists. So can’t we add a 30 minute mammogram to that list? Did you know that many times breast cancer can be detected early based on getting a regular screening? Making time for this can save your life. If you have not done so yet, consider scheduling an appointment today!


August 05, 2019

Are you losing hair? Seeing your hair falling out in amounts more than usual can be alarming. Did you know that the average person loses as much as 100 strands a day? It you are seeing significantly more hair in your shower than you’re accustomed to, it could be time to see your doctor.

In most cases, speaking with your doctor will put your mind at ease by discovering that it isn’t anything serious.

Have You Heard That A Vegan Diet Can Cause Hair Loss?

May 06, 2019

Many people have been eliminating animal products from their diet to help improve their health but did you know that doing so could be a cause for hair loss?

It’s important that you maintain a balanced diet to prevent this from happening.

Make sure you include plenty of beans, seeds, nuts, nut butters, soy, whole grains, and (if possible) dairy products.

This should help provide you with plenty of protein, B vitamins and minerals and then hair loss should not be an issue.